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Like so many, I grew up watching superhero cartoons and reading comic books. Although Batman will always be my favorite character, the X-Men cartoons of the early 90’s is truly a thing of beauty. Although the animation wasn’t as great near the end, the show had some truly amazing episodes. I don’t know how we […]

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Loneliness and abandonment

The date is April 23, 2020. The current time as I start this blog is 12:26 am. We are still on lockdown. No clue how long this will last. I write this not only to be able to look back at my current thoughts, but to help put me at ease. Perhaps ease is the […]

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A Mentor in Time

There is an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” that I rewatched recently that really stood out to me. The episode was “Tapestry”. In this episode the legendary Jean Luc Picard was near death and given an opportunity by “Q”, an omnipotent creature with a lot of powers, to go back to his youth […]

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Somewhere I Belong

I have often dreamed Of a far off place Where a great warm welcome Will be waiting for me Where the crowds will cheer When they see my face And a voice keeps sayin’ This is where I’m meant to be I will find my way I can go the distance I’ll be there someday […]

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I’m simply a man.

There is a movie that I’ve watched a few times that really makes me think. The movie is “Mr. Church” and it stars the always incredible Eddie Murphy. I’m not going to be able to adequately describe it so go to YouTube and check out the trailer or watch it on Netflix. The part that […]

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